How to check your analytics?

When you are on the dashboard, just click on the analytics button to check the analytics of one link.

Visits on Destination Page

Track the number of visitors landing on the destination page you set up. Get a clear view of how many people ended up successfully on your page.

Visits on Safe Page

The number of visitors on your landing page is another metric that you can use to know the real number of people that land on the destination page set behind your deeplink.

When you enable shield protection, a filter will redirect instagram moderators or bots to a safe page and therefore not your destination page.

Also, it's possible that some users don't succeed on accessing your destination page after clicking on your deeplink because of technical issues (bad internet connexion, website blocked by country…etc).

Access to every details of your visitors

Dive into the specifics of your visitors' journey— discover their location, IP address and device details. Even more important, you'll have an explanation of why they have been blocked and redirected to your safe page.