How to create a Deeplink?

Click the "Create Deeplink" button on the top right of your dashboard.

You can choose to create a “Direct Link” or a “Landing page”.

Create a “Direct Link”

A direct link will redirect users to a desired page. Use it to send traffic to a fan page without sharing its url.

You will have a "" redirecting to ""

  • Set up the name of your URL.

It’s like the username on instagram

  • Add a destination page.

It’s where the link will redirect the traffic to (example: onlyfans or mym page,, beacons, casino affiliate links, etc..).

  • Click  on “Create"
  • To go further and set up shield protection, please refer to this guide.

Create your safe page

A Safe Page is a webpage, similar to Linktree, where moderators and bots are redirected. It is advisable to configure an alternate Instagram account and link it on your Safe Page in case real users are wrongly redirected to the Safe Page.

Set up all your informations

  • Set up the name of your URL.

It’s like the username on instagram

  • Choose a profile picture

It’s the only picture we will see on your landing page

  • Choose your name

Your name will display below the profile picture on your landing page

Create all the links you want to add on your safe page. Choose a name, the Link URL and add a button effect if you'd like.

Set up your Socials

Add all your social links (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, etc..)

Advanced Features

Add some extra features on your landing page by activating the onliner or the GeoIP, and specify a response time or a promotion.

You can also set up your Google Analytics tag and your Facebook Pixel ID

  • That’s it, you are all set!