Information About Shield Protection

What is Shield Protection?

Shield Protection is an optimal strategy for safely directing users from Instagram to pages, such as OnlyFans or affiliate platforms. It leverages sophisticated technology and machine learning (AI) to identify moderators and bots, displaying a safe page instead of the destination page if such entities are detected.

What is a Safe Page?

A safe page is a webpage, similar to Linktree, where moderators and bots are redirected. It is advisable to configure an alternate Instagram account and link it on your safe page.

How do I enable Shield Protection?

To enable Shield Protection, you must subscribe to an Agency or Enterprise plan. Each time you create a new link, you will have the option to activate Shield Protection.

  1. Link Placement on Instagram: Place a shielded link (a GetAllMyLinks link) in your Instagram profile bio.
  2. User Interaction: When a user on Instagram clicks on this shielded link, the request is first sent to the shield protection software's server instead of directly to the final destination URL.
  3. Detection and Redirection by Shield Protection Software: The shield protection Software detects the request, including important information such as the user's device type, location, and the fact that the request originated from the Instagram app on a mobile device.
  4. Customized Redirection: Based on the detected information and predefined rules, the software decides the most appropriate version of the destination URL to which the user should be redirected. The final destination URL (private platforms, affiliate platform…etc.) or the safe page with your social medias.
  5. Final User Destination: The shield protection software redirects the user to the chosen destination URL using the mobile browser after processing the request. This redirection is usually done so the user overlooks the intermediate steps—they find themselves on the final page as intended.