Understanding Instagram Scam Flags and How to Prevent Them

You may have encountered the following message on instagram once. In that case, it means your account has been flagged. Your deeplink will not work anymore.

First of all, it's important to mention that it's not because you just added a getallmylinks link in your bio. Instagram has various reasons for taking such actions. In this article, we will detail all the possible causes and provide strategies to prevent your Instagram from being flagged.

Possible Reasons Why Instagram Flags Accounts

  • You probably changed your profile picture, username, and link-in bio within one week, and the account is not very active. Instagram will see it as a spam account, and your account will get this warning.
  • Someone reported you as scam or spam (In general, that's the main reason of a warning)
  • You created content that violates Instagram's guidelines
  • Possible phishing or fraud attempts
  • Login activity: Instagram might have detected unusual login activity, like logging in from a different country or device, which can trigger a security alert.
  • Account behavior: The account might have been engaging in behavior that seems suspicious, like following or unfollowing a large number of accounts in a short time.
  • New account: Instagram may be more cautious with new accounts, especially if they're using a similar name or profile picture to a previously reported account.
  • Changes in behavior: When an account suddenly starts posting or engaging after a long period of inactivity, it can raise suspicions.

If you try to change the link in your bio, it will not solve your problem, but removing it can help get rid of the restriction faster. 

To sum it up, if you get this warning message, it's directly related to the health of your Instagram account, and it's not associated with the link in your bio.

Strategies to Keep Your Instagram Account Safe

  • Gradually increasing activity: Start with small, regular posts and engagement to show that the account is active and legitimate.
  • Updating account info: Ensure your profile, bio, and contact information are up-to-date and consistent.
  • Avoiding sudden spikes: Refrain from sudden bursts of activity, like posting multiple times in a short period.
  • Create a unique profile: Choose a unique username, profile picture, and bio that don't resemble other accounts.
  • Use a strong password: Select a password that's difficult to guess and enable two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Verify your account: Use a valid email address and phone number to verify your account.
  • Post high-quality content: Share relevant, engaging, and original content that aligns with Instagram's community guidelines.
  • Engage authentically: Interact with others in a genuine and meaningful way, avoiding spammy comments or messages.

By following these guidelines, you'll be more likely to establish a trustworthy and scam-free Instagram account!